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 Techno Consultants 

We maintain panel of Consultants and deploy them under our supervision and guidance to support the Industry, especially the MSMEs. These Consultants also undertake e-Commerce functions, extend 'Managed Services' support to 'Identified Industry Clusters' and 'MRO set-ups'  utilising our e-Platform. / refer.


1.  Please read through this Page, fill Enquiry  /  Details Form given at the bottom of this Page and Submit for our Action.

2. You could join as  a Defence Expert / Consultant by Filling Form on /


e-SP2 are  Consultants with specialised knowledge in e-Commerce to support you. 

 e-SP2 Concept

e-Selling & e-Procurement Service Provider(s) (e-SP2) is an Innovative Idea. It is a Private Initiative developed for 'self-employment' for e-Commerce delivery.

In this concept, e-Selling and e-Procurement is outsourced by Industry/Companies to experts outside their organisations in line with their business strategy. The goal of the Industry is to retain the existing 'edge' definitely, but still fine-tune 'Sales & Marketing ' and 'Input Costs' with a view NOT to get 'edged-out' in the emerging environment of globalisation and liberalisation. And utilise expertise of high-tech & high-value Consultants. This helps in making Selling and Buying Processes highly competitive - A boon to the Industry ! 

The e-SP2 Executives can operate on these platforms freely in their own time, and from the place of their own choosing. 

 Product Price : ESM Preferred.

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