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Objectives of Svipja/India

1.   Develop a consortium of MSMEs with India focus to participate in Aerospace and Defence Sector Direct and Indirect Offset projects globally.  

2.   Guide and Advice Svipja A  & D  ISP firms through the qualified vendor registration processes for the supply chains of major Aerospace and Defence firms in India and Abroad. 

Offset Working   

Indian Defence Offset Policy stipulates foreign suppliers to either invest-in or purchase from India 30% of the value of the Order for contracts above INR 300 Crores. As per estimates, over INR 80,000 worth of offsets could be generated in next 10 years.  

You should have a vision for Your A & D business. Your Product(s) / Services(s) should fit into the Offset Policy backed with sound Business Plan. We work in close co-ordination with You to guide You through \'due diligence\' by Obligor(s), and help / present Your Proposal / Business Plan to them for Offset Partnership(s). And also guide You through DIPP, & DOMW/MOD processes, for you to interface with them directly, if needed. Whereas we only undertake high-tech Advisory / Consulting work needed by your organisation.
Steps in Our Offset Process

Step 1: Acquaint Yourself first on Offset business. Please visit e-Hub its connected Blogs and in addition to other subject matter elsewhere. Offset projects go thru \'Due Diligence\' / \'Gate Reviews\' by Obligors.

Step 2: Register online on the e-Hub using Internet Explorer to be part of the database of the Defence Industry. We are developing a consortium of high-tech MSMEs globally with India focus for them to participate in Aerospace and Defence direct and indirect Offset Projects.

Step 3: Obtain Industrial License if needed. We take Advisory on Products / Services to target, Capacity Creation, JV and Capital Structure incl FDI & Technology Agreements, etc.

Step 4: Become Industrial Sector Partner (ISP) of Svipja/India. We will guide the ISP firms go through qualified vendor registration process for supply chains of aerospace & defence firms in India and Abroad.


1. Yearly Membership Fee for Listing on the Site and using e-Marketplace Engine for Buying/Selling is as indicated in Tariffs on the Site, subject to any enhancement based on the number of products / services you wish to transact on the e-Marketplace..

2. Separate ISP Fee for Offset Project Advisory / Industrial Co-operation would apply. Contact  for further details.

3. Addl Fee will apply in cases for market study, research, and other consulting services.

This effort comes to You as a Private Initiative.  

 Product Price : Case-to-Case Basis.

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