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We operate an Integrated Aerospace-Marine-Defence Portal & e-Marketplace on our Proprietary Software. It is a “pure player” in  b2b-b2c-b2g e-Marketplace segment which has an embedded e-Selling, e-Sourcing, and e-Procurement Engine based on a simple Bidding Process. Member Companies listed on the Exchange are pre-screened / pre-qualified for their credibility. 

This e-Marketplace presently covers 23 Main Categories with over 700 Sub-Categories. The Portal is very well populated with Indian and Foreign companies. It is recognised nationally and internationally.   

Core modules of the e-Marketplace are ‘Post Request as a Buyer’, ‘Post Request as a Seller’, ‘Processes Involved in Formal Procurement’ and ‘Generation of a Comparative Statement’ by it\'s software to help the Buyers identify the lowest bidder. It automates pre-contract processes thus rendering efficiency and transparency in procurement. Is also a valuable tool for Offset fulfillment. offers very simple and basic e-Selling, e-Sourcing and e-Procurement functionalities easily understood by the operating staff. It is therefore well- positioned to meet the requirements of Defence. It also has an ‘Exhibition Gallery’, ‘What’s New?’, ‘Consulting Services’ and other functions needed for the Community.   

The A & D Hub is designed both for Self Service, and  Managed Services in e-procurement & e-Selling.    

Consultants and  Procurement Service Providers (PSPs) / e-SP2s are selectively permitted to provide Managed Services using the Portal and its central database. This way the Consultants and PSPs / e-SP2s could build their own businesses with least risk and cost to them. We would train such business owners.  

For more details, please  visit our e-Hub ,  and  contact Us for any clarifications / discussions. The e-Marketplace is being promoted by the European Union through e-Market Services, which is their Official Portal for use by EU Members. 

Members touch the markets Faster and Efficiently while working through this e-Marketplace. Buyers and Sellers both benefit by reaching the qualified markets with greater ease nationally and globally, thus saving costs and increasing their profits.  

This is an \'open\', \'third-party-hosted\' and a \'neutral\' e-Marketplace maintaining very high professional ethics. 

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